Good Words about Sincera Wellness, LLC

“Mary Anne Gunter knows how to parent thru divorce...personally...I have had the privilege of watching her, as her Pastor, live thru it to tell about it.  Coparenting in a divorce situation is sticky at best and impossible in most.  But Mary Anne has an uncanny ability to connect with what parents, in this stage of life, are trying to survive.  Her empathy, encouragement and guidance will give a Mom and Dad the child stuck in the middle a healthy future.  The need for this is real and this type of solution is right."

--Mark Evans, Senior Pastor
    The Church at Rock Creek; Little Rock, Arkansas

“I appreciate this lady for all that she has done... She is the sunshine of happiness and we are so glad she is part of our life."   

--Online recommendation

“I never felt safe all my life until you listened to me and made me feel safe.  You were the first person who asked me what **I** wanted!  I'll always remember you."   

--Name withheld

“Every therapist I ever had, and I've had a lot, seemed like they were telling me how to feel and what to think. You really listened and I wasn't used to that."   

--Name withheld

“I'm glad I am writing this.  When I talked to you about my divorce and the kids and my ex, I was so mad.  My kids were suffering.  You showed me how to do this better and you cared, but you didn't put up with any crap from either one of us, so thanks for showing us how important it is to put our kids first.  Thank you, Mary Anne!!!"   


“There were some things I needed to hear and you told me some things I didn't want to hear but I needed to and it made a difference.  You didn't make me feel like I was bad, though, and I'm grateful for that."   


“Thank you for showing me the domestic violence wheel.  I saw things on it I was living with I didn't realize was abusive.  Thanks so much for helping me see I was worth not being abused."   

--Domestic violence shelter temporary resident

“I felt destroyed and afraid.  Through a few times talking with you, you kind of gave me pieces of my life back.  No one had ever believed in me and I didn't believe in me, either.  It was talking with you that helped me know I could make some good choices.  You made me feel human."   

--Name withheld

“Ms. Gunter has helped children and parents immensely.  Schools witness the fallout when families are struggling at home and we also see the difference when a good therapist works with the children but also the parents."   

--Elementary school principal

“Thank you for the wisdom about grieving and taking care of me.  Keep doing what you're doing; it's appreciated."   

--Reader of "The Therapist's Corner", authored by this therapist, article in "Heber Springs Sun-Times" newspaper

“I don't think I've ever seen a practitioner more a natural for doing therapy.  It oozes out of you without even really trying.  I am recommending you become certified in EFT as you are absolutely a natural for doing it.  Your clients are fortunate.  You are ethical, conscientious, and caring."   

--LMFT, LPC, Ph.D.

(All testimonials are shared with permission)

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