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What are your rates?

Counseling Services  - 

- $105 Initial intake session (50-90 min.)  

- $70 Individual session (1 person)

- $80 Couples / Marital / Dyad session (2 persons)

- $90 Family session (3 or more persons)

- $35 Group Therapy session (per individual, or $50 per couple)

Member Therapist, Open Path Collective, a non-profit network of therapists who offer lowered fees to Open Path members.  Go to www.openpathcollective.org, and simply enter zip code "72088".

Payment is due in full at time services are rendered.  All major credit cards are accepted.

Do you offer a sliding fee scale? 

Yes, we do.  We respect that therapy can be considered costly.  We can sometimes reduce the fee.  Contact us; you might be pleasantly surprised.

Relationship Checkup Assessment 

- $50 per couple without narrative report, or $80 per couple, including narrative report, which includes an array of proven, helpful resources.  


- Certified Facilitator couples assessment of strengths and growth areas.  Excellent for couples preparing for marriage, and married couples looking to enrich their marriage.

Divorce Consultation - 

- $80 for one 1-hour consultation.  A non-therapy, focused, balanced consultation concerning divorce and what it may entail for you as an individual, couple, and family, particularly for the children.  

Can we do counseling online and not just in your office?

Telecounseling is private, convenient, encrypted and HIPAA-compliant. We have earned a specialization in TA ("technology-assisted") telemental health counseling for clients anywhere across the state of Arkansas. TA counseling can take place by video, email, or telephone.   Fees are the same for telecounseling and face-to-face counseling.


Do you accept insurance?

Sincera Wellness does not accept insurance at this time.  

Do you accept walk-ins?

Sincera Wellness is not set up to accept walk-ins. Appointment only, please.  We offer flexible hours, including some evenings and Saturday mornings.

Do you provide emergency, crisis or after-hours services?

No, we are not set up to offer this.  If you have an emergency, please go to your nearest healthcare facility, ER, or call 911.

What is a CFTP?

We have worked, undergone formal training, and participated in ongoing doctoral-level consultation for about two postgraduate years, ultimately earning the respected Certified Family Trauma Professional (CFTP) designation, and are accepted as a member of the International Association of Trauma Professionals.  As a systems theory-trained therapist and family trauma professional, we understand that trauma changes entire families and we work with the family, usually the parents of a traumatized child, or spouse and sometimes the siblings, in empowering the family around the trauma.


Will you write a letter of support for me to have an emotional support animal (ESA), such as to take on a plane, or a resort, etc.?

As animal lovers ourselves, we understand the immense value and healing effect animals can and do bring to humans.  However, we are not set up to allow ESAs at our office, nor write letters of support for ESAs.


Do you turn anyone away because they might live or love or think or believe differently than you do?

That's a direct question, and we're going to give it the respect of a direct answer.  No.

Do you practice novel kinds of therapy, such as to experiment to see what works?  How do I know what's safe, or legitimate?

An ethical mandate that all therapists are held to is to practice in the best interests of the client, and to honestly and accurately represent their qualifications to the public. It would be irresponsible for Sincera Wellness to use a novel kind of therapy without proper training and experience, as well as a clear rationale for it. 

he first questions Sincera asks of any therapeutic modality are  A) Is it supported by clinical, peer-reviewed research, and  B) Is it evidence-based and able to contribute to a client's measurable goals' progress.  We're not into novelty for novelty's sake. There's no fairy dust or unicorns at Sincera. Your life is serious business and that's how we treat it. We keep it simple and stick to work that is respected in the research and the profession.  

What is your position on Life Coaching; do you recommend it?  Is there anything I need to be aware of?

Click the "Blog" tab above, to see our July, 2019 blog article on critical differentiations between therapy, and life coaching any person considering coaching should be aware of.

What makes Sincera different than other, larger mental health providers?

Instead of trying to compete with larger, corporate-style providers, Sincera Wellness takes pride in specializing in its unique, smaller and more local nature.  Bigger isn't always better. You are very important to us.  We still believe in the integrity of the handshake.  We work, live, and play right here in the community.  We regularly donate professional services, as well as to local efforts and causes, perform speaking engagements to educate the community right here in our own neighborhood and well beyond. We are small, friendly, and neighborly.  


It is to all our benefit that this community, its families, businesses, churches, schools are healthy and thriving.  We bring business in and promote other businesses in the community. We purchase local and pay taxes, and support our local EMS and volunteers.  We educate the public about mental health issues.  We advocate for those who cannot for themselves, such as vulnerable populations.  We welcome clients from all walks of life, experiences and backgrounds, and we treat everyone with respect and value equally. 


There is no corporate ownership or officious management at Sincera.  Sincera is not obligated to the often baffling rules of big insurance companies, Medicaid, or Medicare.  We'd rather charge less, even offer a sliding fee scale, affording you greater autonomy, privacy, not allowing insurance companies to dictate when, why, where, and how, you receive therapy.  


You'll almost never have to wait for your therapist, wait weeks or even months for an appointment, or endure screaming kids in a waiting room.  We never look at you as just another easy insurance reimbursement client.  We are invested in you being a satisfied client.  You'll never be known to Sincera as just a number, but you, as the whole person. 


Is your office the only location we can do therapy?

Sincera has in the past done alot of in-home counseling. Occasionally, we can still offer this, particularly to a homebound, medically ill client.  

Do you offer a free consultation?

Sincera offers a complimentary 10-minute consultation so that we can talk, and see if we are a good fit for one another before scheduling an actual therapy session.  This free consultation is available by telephone, by appointment.  It neither obligates you, or Sincera, so feel free to call.  


 Did I hear you contributed to a new book?

Correct.  Several years ago in my undergraduate psychology program, I wrote a paper on a clinical diagnosis I have studied for a long time, and how that diagnosis, the Antisocial Personality Disorder, is portrayed in cinematic media in one particular historic film, based on the classic crime book by iconic author Truman Capote.  By careful observation, I was able to clinically assess how masterfully the film (which had wisely consulted with the Karl Menninger Institute) cinematically represented the disorder's DSM-V criteria as it was observed in a protagonist of the film, incidentally a real-life character who, with a partner, helped kill four innocent people in 1959 and was executed in 1965.  My paper was both invited to be presented at my college's annual student creative arts and research forum, and the abridged version published in an undergraduate psych journal.  Established author Gary McAvoy (www.garymcavoy.com  - book link on Library" section of this website) found my paper, and sought me out for legal permission to acknowledge it in his new 2019 book, "And Every Word Is True", published by Literati Editions and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. 


This criminal case incidentally was one of the most pivotal reasons for becoming interested as a teen in the behavioral and social sciences, and I have visited all of the most important actual locations in Kansas and corresponded with some of the main characters over the years. A story where violence and pathology touched hope and a respected family in the fabric of the midwest, it is a case filled with tragedy, violence, and innocence, and remains today, nearly sixty years later, unforgettable in our nation's tapestry.  Even today modern crime books are measured by Capote's timeless masterpiece, the telling of which nearly destroyed his life and took over six years to complete, coupled with his exhaustive on-site investigations while accompanied by his childhood friend Nelle Harper Lee, author of the American literary masterpiece "To Kill A Mockingbird".

I'm not familiar with "Parent Coordination" and I need some help for my children in a nasty divorce...

This therapist is a trained Parent Coordinator (PC) for parents who are in a divorce or coparenting situation.  Please know that therapy, and parent coordination, are completely separate roles.  It would be unethical, as well as not very objective, for a therapist to provide Parent Coordination services, while also serving as your therapist at the same time.  Parent Coordination is not a clinical, therapeutic role, and is not under HIPAA law in terms of confidentiality.  PCs typically do not take part in changing custody arrangements. PCs (just like certified mediators) are typically required to possess a masters or doctoral degree, and preferably a background such as counseling, or law. Typically, attorneys, therapists, psychologists, social workers can serve as PCs.   Parent Coordination fees are typically divided between the parents.  

About half of all marriages will end in divorce.  All of this can bode disaster for children, and create later coparenting problems that can easily reach into the next generation and negatively impact entire family systems and communities.  You split up. Your children didn't. Sometimes when battling with an ex-partner even the most well-meaning, loving parents can make serious mistakes that can hurt their children.  Sometimes if the parents can't or won't come to a mutual agreement or work smoothly together on coparenting for the children's benefit, the court must step in for the protection of the children.  Please see the "Parent Coordination" tab on this website for more information. 

Do you offer Christian therapy?

Yes, we do, and it is always at the choice of the client.  We are honored to pray with and for the client if they choose.

Do you prescribe or recommend as a part of therapy, any alternative / naturopathic remedies, herbals, oils/diffusers, vitamins, foods, supplements, etc.?

Sincera Wellness would be practicing outside its professional scope of practice to either prescribe, sell, or professionally recommend the use or effectiveness of any products such as these.  Sincera's position is to always encourage a medical evaluation by a physician to discuss any risks or benefits of options such as these.  

Do you offer group therapy?

We are excited about the 1-2 specific groups we hope to offer in the coming months.  Groups are practical and economical.  $35 per individual or $50 per couple, per session. 

"Blended or Blitzed: Winning at the Blended Family Journey"... Workbook authored by this therapist.  Straightforward points on not falling prey to the most prevalent minefields determined to destroy your blended marriage and family before it even begins. Format suitable for e-course, group therapy, church, community group, seminar.  Available on Amazon Kindle (see link on "Library" tab).


The "Relationship Checkup Assessment" is a proven resource that can quickly identify both strengths and areas that could use growth.  Available with, or without, a written narrative report.  $50/couple for assessment only, or $80/couple including a detailed narrative report and proven, helpful resources.

The "PREPARE / ENRICH Assessment" is a proven resource that can help both married and premarried couples quickly identify both strengths and growth areas.  This therapist is a Certified PREPARE / ENRICH Facilitator.​  Contact us if you or your group, church, are interested in this valuable marital / premarital service.


All couples, and parenting, options with Sincera Wellness, LLC can be easily customized for the

unique needs of the blended family / marriage.

We're coming from out of town, bringing our entire family.  We can't easily travel back and forth for weekly sessions.  Could you offer us "marathon sessions", or a "block" of sessions for one day?

Certainly.  This counseling practice is pleased to offer convenient and practical back-to-back block sessions.  For example, several sessions in one day, with brief breaks in between.  

How does it usually work when you first see a client?  Generally, how do you do therapy?  What is your financial policy? 

The client is asked to arrive about 30-45 minutes early in order to complete paperwork.  Payment in full is due at time services are rendered.  For the client's privacy, we will set up a password for use in telephone calls.  The first session is an initial intake up to 90 minutes and is $105.  When scheduling the first (intake) appointment, your payment information (i.e. credit card) must be provided at that time in order for the appointment to be held.  If the appointment is not kept and is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, the credit card will be charged for the full amount.

The first session will be devoted to getting to know each other, establishing the client's history, and what goals the client would like to accomplish in therapy.  Therapy with Sincera usually takes an eclectic approach, focusing on your goals, always searching for your strengths and resources.  We have a saying - "We look for the good in you. And we always find it."

What is the policy on missed appointments and late arrivals?

Lost clock-time is prohibitively costly to a clinical practice.  For late arrivals, the session will still end at the regular time, and a full session fee will still be charged.  Any appointment not kept / cancelled / rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged for a missed appointment.  

Do you do speaking engagements for groups?

Absolutely, and this therapist has done this frequently.  We can discuss the array of topics that appeals to a range of audiences from married / premarried couples, families, women, classes, businesses, schools, clubs, churches, etc.  

Can I fill in the forms early and bring them with me to the first appointment?

Certainly.  Once your initial intake appointment is scheduled and your credit card information is provided to hold the first appointment, you are welcome to request the forms via MaryAnne@sincerawellness.net to complete and sign them in advance if you prefer, and bring them with you.  Or, you may arrive 30-45 minutes early before the first appointment to complete them. 

Could you host a customized marriage encounter or retreat for us?

Certainly, and creative, open-ended options include doing so in the comfort of your own home, or at a resort location, which may include accommodations, a gift certificate for dinner for two, welcome basket, massage for two, in a relaxing, private atmosphere, in an all-inclusive format.  We are in a relaxing resort community, near a lake with record world class fishing, clean water, beautiful scenery, a new hotel, with restaurant and spa services available, and award-winning golf courses.  Contact MaryAnne@sincerawellness.net for details.

Do you offer counseling/therapy services for employers and their employees?

Yes.  The research has confirmed that employees, being the human beings they are, do in fact "bring their problems to work with them", and this can have a dramatic impact on turnover, absenteeism, low employee morale, lowered profits and job dissatisfaction.  Happier employees - and their families - often make for a better business bottom line.  

I want to start therapy, but I'm afraid if my employer or family pays for it, or finds out about it, they'll be able to get information about me, or my records...

This is an understandable and common concern.  Clients have a certain right to confidentiality, but  there are limits as well.  Please be assured that you as the adult client in most circumstances are the sole person who can authorize any release by Sincera of information.  Please do not consider this website, or the social media presence of this practice, as a substitute for therapy, and neither can guarantee privacy.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with your rights, as well as the limitations, of confidentiality, at 

https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-individuals/guidance-materials-for-consumers/index.html .  

What is your position on working with churches?

Christ-centered counseling is available if the client chooses, and Sincera Wellness welcomes the privilege of praying with the client if they choose.  Sincera believes that a healthy church and a good therapist can, and should, work as a systemic, holistic team whenever possible.  Referrals by churches are always welcome, whether of staff or members.   We can also bring a very helpful grief, parenting, divorce, coparenting, premarital, and marital resource to your church.  Contact us for details.

You work with blended families and marriages.  Can you explain what makes a blended family different than a traditional family?

The blended family and marriage have usually already witnessed hurt, anger, loss of security and stability, shattered trust, loss of a support network, questioning of their faith, severe financial disruption, loss of a home, and have had to make severe adjustments that can often take years.  One area consistently ignored in our culture, is that both children and adults in a blended family and marriage usually have or are still suffering from grief and loss.  The remarriage statistically suffers another divorce about 65-70% of the time.  A third marriage is statistically at even higher risk for a divorce.  Premarital cohabitation has been shown in the research to not only not contribute to marital fidelity and quality but  in many cases to higher instances of divorce.


There are a myriad of important differences in this family dynamic, including custody arrangements, changing schools, court battles, anger, chaotic finances requiring years of re-establishing financial soundness, self-blame in children, parental alienation, unclear expectations about coparenting/stepparenting. This therapist has been in a blended family for thirty years; chances are, the journey you are walking in this area is one understood by this therapist.    


Sincera Wellness, LLC is committed to not only supporting the blended family and coparents but helping the church, school, business, and community become more educated about and supportive of the unique challenges and strengths of the blended family and coparents.

We're going through a divorce.  Can I bring my children in for therapy?  Could we do therapy, even if we're divorcing, or already divorced?

Absolutely; in fact, we recommend counseling for any child when the parents' relationship breaks up.  "Divorce or parental separation" are included as one of the pivotal "Adverse Childhood Experiences" (ACEs), a groundbreaking study by the Kaiser Permanente organization and the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention - a study which literally changed the very face of how we look at trauma, childhood adversity, and resilience.  ACEs have been proven to be associated with health and social problems that children suffer, sometimes over a lifetime. 


Sincera Wellness appreciates working with the divorcing or divorced couple and family system.  However, any minor seen, regardless of the circumstance, must be with a signed authorization form allowing permission by the legal custodial parent or legal guardian, and, in this situation, a copy of an executed Court Order designating legal custody is required, so please bring it to, or before, the first appointment. 


Sincera Wellness is a listed provider with the website "Divorceify" ( https://divorceify.com/professional/profile/arkansas/therapist/mary-anne-gunter).  Simply enter the zipcode "72088", for our profile.

I'm considering calling a divorce attorney.  I'm not sure how a divorce will affect me or my family. Is there something that might help me make a more informed decision?

Sincera Wellness offers a non-judgmental, fair and balanced one-hour (non-therapy) consultation for anyone, whether couple or individual, considering divorce, that discusses choices and potential outcomes surrounding divorce.  The research is showing that it often isn't divorce itself that can deeply hurt children (yet it usually does), as much as does the chronic parental conflict during and after the divorce. No divorce has to be acrimonious, laced with years of bitter court battles.  Sincera can help you work towards your focused, practical goals, such as visitation, division of parental responsibilities, communication, getting stability back again, handling grief, coparenting together to keep the children's lives (and yours) as stable as possible.  Sincera is not going to attempt to talk you into, or out of, a divorce. 


Seeking licensed therapy is often considerably less costly for everyone (not only financially) than actually proceeding with a divorce.  Divorce is ranked as one of the highest life stressors a person can experience.  Sincera Wellness cannot ethically advise you on legal matters.  Please seek legal counsel for any legal matter.


$80 for a 1-hour professional consultation, which includes an array of proven, objective resources that can aid in making this critically important decision a well-informed and responsible one. 

What is the policy on seeing children as clients?

No minor may be seen by Sincera Wellness without the signed authorization of the legal custodial parent or guardian at, or before, the first appointment.  In cases of divorce, custody, visitation, etc., then a copy of an executed Court Order, designating the legal custodial parent / legal guardian, will be required at, or before, the first appointment before the child will be seen.  Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

Do you refer clients to other healthcare providers / practitioners?

Sincera Wellness embraces a circular, holistic approach that supports the union of mind, body, and spirit, as well as a philosophy of proactive prevention whenever possible.  We maintain a well-rounded network of multidisciplinary providers and resources to help individuals, couples, and families.  Sincera Wellness, LLC is not liable for any services, etc. by any other provider or resource other than Sincera.

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