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The Story of Sincera Wellness...

Sincera Wellness, LLC began in 2017 as a dream and passion.  Since childhood I had a goal of earning an education and helping others.  From my teen years, I developed a love for volunteerism as a candystriper, and never stopped.  I'm a bookworm of the first order.  I knew from childhood I wanted to be either a physician, lawyer, social worker, or therapist, but had no mentor or help on how to start that journey.  What I did have was a lot of healthcare professionals that I worked for who saw something in me and gave me paper bags full of their old professional journals, which I devoured.  I took my first class as a divorced, single mom in college at the age of 29, budgeting grocery money for textbooks.  I was a first-generation college graduate with a parent who gave up a college scholarship in classical music to be a homemaker, and saw how important it was for women to get an education when they find themselves heading a family alone.  It was that journey of years of pursuit of higher education that created in me a deep care for adults of any background and age who want to go to school but don't know where to begin, whether it's adult education, a GED, or a Ph.D.  Poised on entering law school or medical school, I instead became a therapist, and knew I was doing what I was born to do.  I felt like I had come home. 


I spent a long time praying over this decision and direction in my life, handing it to the Lord to use as He sees fit, telling Him, "Lord, I am so small.  But if You can use any of this, I will give it to You."  You have been prayed for, before you ever came to Sincera Wellness.  I can't wait to meet you! Bring pictures!  I love to see your pictures and hear your heart's song.   I also will hold safe your heart's pain. 


My heart has always leaned in towards working alongside especially women and the issues they often face, as well as stressed parents, and folks in divorce, blended family, and coparenting situations.  On all of the above, I've been there.  I truly enjoy helping people begin to value themselves a little better.  I will look for the resilience and beauty within you.  What do you want your life to look like?  I have a hard and fast rule in my work in counseling - I always look for the good, and I always find it.  There is good in you.


When you come visit Sincera Wellness, you won't be met at the waiting room by an officious glass receptionist window slamming in your face.  My office is in a peaceful area near Greers Ferry lake, surrounded by two acres of trees.  When you come in, do help yourself to coffee, tea, or a chilled water bottle.  I want you to feel welcome, and that you're in a safe place.  I will personally and warmly welcome you, and be real with you.  

Carl Rogers, a famous and caring, person-centered therapy pioneer, said these words. They are the very cornerstone of every last thing Sincera Wellness, LLC stands for, and I stand for in my professional, as well as my personal, life.  These immortal words of Dr. Rogers are so pivotal to this practice, that they are framed on the wall of my office ...

"Before every session, I take a moment to remember my humanity. There is no experience that this person has that I cannot share with him, no fear I cannot understand, no suffering that I cannot care about, because I, too, am human.  No matter how deep his wound, he does not need to be ashamed in front of me.  I, too, am vulnerable.  And because of this, I am enough. Whatever his story, he no longer needs to be alone with it. This is what will allow his healing to begin."


I am fascinated and curious about your story. I have not encountered a client yet, whether child or adult,  I didn't learn from and wasn't humbled by.  I love my clients!  


Dr. Mary Anne

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